Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Face Painting | Simple | Designs

It’s almost that time of the year when kids dress up in colorful costumes and go trick-or-treating. What can you do you make your kid stand out from all the others? Having a good costume is a plus. But one sure-fire way to make your child stand out from all the rest is through  face painting. Here are 5 do-it-yourself Halloween face painting simple designs that a kid will surely love.

The Witch. Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without little witches running around. Using a sponge, apply green paint evenly to the entire face. Then with a brush, draw black lines on the forehead and across the cheeks. Color the lips with black and complete the look with bushy black brows.

The Tooth Fairy. It seems like every little girl either wants to be a princess or a fairy. To create a sense of magic, use silver, blue and pink to make intricate designs that define her eyes going outward. Paint her eyelids with pink and apply pink lipstick to finish the look. Now top it off with a little silver crown and a magic wand and you have an awesome little tooth fairy.

The Lion. The lion has always been seen as the king of the jungle. This is why they are so popular among little boys. To create the look, apply yellow or orange paint to the entire face using a sponge. Outline the eyes using black paint and color it in with white. Paint the tip of the nose with black for the nose and then add whiskers to finish it off.

The Pirate. Creating a pirate look is pretty simple. You can transform any kid into a dangerous looking pirate by just a few strokes of black paint. Using a brush, draw on a pirate beard curling upwards, a mustache and thick bushy eyebrows. A long jagged scar can be added for a more devil-may-care look.

The Mummy. Mummy's originated from ancient Egypt. It was their way of preserving the dead. To create one, make a bandage pattern across the face using black paint. Then color it in with white paint, accentuating it with gray and light brown on the sides to give a worn out, sullied appearance. Finish off the look with a dirt worn head wrap.

Halloween face painting simple designs will give your childs costume a finished look that will really stand out among the other kids.

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